Thank you for visiting my FAQ page.

In case you have a specific enquiry, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I will do my best to answer your question(s) within 24-48 hours. Otherwise, you'll find your answer here. Read on.

What Services do you offer?

As an eCommerce Blog Copywriter, I offer you the following services:

  1. Blog Content Strategy
  2. Blog Post Writing
  3. SEO for Old Blog Posts

Check my services page for more details.

What are the rates for your services?

That's an excellent question. But to answer you, I'll first need to access the scope of your project. Once I know what your project entails, I will give you a fair rate for my services. I guarantee you value for your money.

Get in touch and let's discuss.


How soon can I get my order?

Glad you asked. Copywriting is an art and science. And all my services go through several stages before they can be termed as ready.

Therefore I apply the First Come First Serve system when offering my services.

It is best we discuss your timeline expectations before I commit.

Do you take retainer clients?

Yes, I do. And I believe this is the best working model for you and me. You see, with consistency and regular monitoring, we can work out the best way to grow your blog and get it to the authority spot it deserves. And maintain that.