Interesting and informative list-based post with catchy keyword rich title, visible headers for each item, and a strong conclusion

Inspiration Galleries

A gallery of images with the aim of inspiring the reader with new ideas of using the product.

"About" Page

A page that stands out and represents who you are and what your eCommerce store is all about.

Site Terms of Use

Promote transparency and mutual awareness to prevent possible abuses and legal issues.

"Why Buy From Us" Page

A Why buy from us page to persuade your customers that store is exactly the right choice for them.

How-to Articles

This is your shopping assistant: a blog that will attract your customers' attention and supply them with the information they need to help them decide to purchase.

Short Posts For Social Media Fodder

Short unique posts of 60-100 words with relevant internal and external links, tailored language to suit the target audience.

Help Centre

When your customers run into some issues, the Help Section Page or Help Centre will have the answers to their questions 24/7.

Contact Page

Provide useful contact information about the company in a warm and positive way.

Privacy Policy

Promote transparency on how you collect and use the confidential and sensitive information you get from customers, clients, visitors who visit or make transactions on your site.

Curated Collection

Presents the most relevant highest quality information (well thought of) to meet your audience's needs on a specific subject. Full of value and information.

Store Product Pages

Well written product descriptions that will help customers learn more about the product and ultimately make a choice to purchase.

Store FAQ Page

The same questions that are repeated all the time need to be answered once and for all to save you time. An FAQ page does exactly that.

Refund Policy

To help make all your customers’ product purchase and possible return hassle-free. Set the guidelines that you can follow when dealing with returns and refunds for returned products.

Trust Marks

Verify that your website is trustworthy, legitimate, approved, and certified by a well-known online authority.


What Can You Achieve With Effective Content?

  • Create a personality for your brand
  • Inform and educate your customers about your products and industry
  • Repeat your message in an interesting way (you can’t say how amazing your product is over and over gets old very quickly)
  • Help people decide to make a purchase. Blogs are the new powerful form of advertising
  • Get to share links with other traffic sources
  • Easily add relevant keywords to your website
  • Have an opportunity to add more inbound links which web crawlers love and in return, they will inspect your page and rank you better
  • Drive more traffic to your eCommerce store

The End Result?

  • Your target audience will trust you enough to become your customers
  • You’ll build your brand and form a positive impression of your online store
  • Web crawlers will rank your website on the search engine results page (SERPs)

Next Steps...

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